Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rinser Brush


No more shoving you head under the faucet or having to slurp water of your palm after brushing your teeth. Unless you use a cup these were the methods for rinsing you mouth after brushing your teeth but thanks to the Rinser Brush Amron Experimental, that's in the past. By pre-ordering for just $22 you can obtain the rinser Brush by November, just in time to brush away all the turkey and food you'll be eating during the holidays. The toothbrush has a built-in scoop that funnels water through a small hole on the top, creating an instant fountain for to rinse you mouth with. This is a pretty cool toothbrush and while it doesn't take much effort to stick your head under the faucet, why even deal with that? The toothbrush also allows you to replace the heads incase the first head is worn out. The Rinser Brush is also available in colors white and black. To pre-order you can visit Amron Experimental.

Source - Uncrate




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