Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIESEL Black Gold Soho Store


I was walking down Soho and ran upon the DIESEL Black Gold store and just had to go in and check it out. The store opened back in February 2012 and I had not had the chance to take a peak, but Im happy I went in. The interior designing of the 2,500 sq. foot space was the work of Ryan Korban who did a fascinating job using Gunmetal velvet, zebra wood, aluminum sculptures, suede, and leather. In a statement Korban said “The design of the boutique is born of the Diesel Black Gold DNA – premium fabrics and daring yet refined shapes and lines. It’s a warm, vintage-inspired environment, a reinterpretation of luxury for a modern generation.” Check out the rest of the pictures !!!

Source - Whitewall Magazine







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