Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now It's Personal !! Silva vs Sonnen II

After all the trash talking by Chael Sonnen even after he lost the first fight between the two, Sonnen showed no respect and just kept on with the trash talk leading all the way to the rematch against one of the greatest MMA fighters ever. Silva is one who doesn't talk much and lets his talent do the talking for him no matter what is said to him. That was until he burst during the media conference call where his manger and translator Ed Soeres quoted Silva saying "He will break every teeth in Sonnens mouth, he will break his arms, his legs and he will teach him how to respect like his parents should had tought him". This is the first time we have seen Silva so vocal and fired up and many wonder if thats a good or a bad thing for him. All I know is that this is a good thing for the fight fans who have been waiting for this rematch. Anderson Silva will be looking to defend he World Tittle agaignst Chael Sonnen on July 7th in Las Vegas. I guess we will see fireworks on July 7th as well.

Source - Youtube/UFC Channel

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